About kidbeats

A playful music experience

Since the beginning of human history, dating back to our primal ancestors, music has played a fundamental role in our evolution.


Long before we even learn how to walk or talk, we begin to be influenced by our interactions with sound. In the field of behavioural psychology and other sciences, research has shown that music plays an important role in brain development from an early age, yet our 21st century technology is not entirely equipped to build a bridge between children and musicians. Recognizing this foundational gap, the KidBeats project aims to improve the quality of children’s music listening experience by developing a sustainable and scientifically sound framework for 21st century music production.


KidBeats is building a methodology that helps connect musicians with their pre-school aged target group in a sustainable, innovative, and engaging way. 

This project enables sound-based media play for children built on research, testing, and development of digital tools, with a consideration for environmentally conscious materials and 21st century solutions. Whether we like it or not, more and more children are engaging with devices from a very early stage. However, these devices have all been designed for adult users and have neglected the impact they can have on children. KidBeats hopes to create a tool that will reshape the way children engage with music through devices designed to nourish their development rather than stunt it.