Gryllus publishing company was established in 1990 by Daniel Gryllus in order to release his own records. The company has developed fast in the last 33 years and has become a popular record company for many Hungarian performers of “World Music” including Sebestyén Márta, Sebő ensemble, Palya Bea, Both Miklós, Bognár Szilvia, Ferenczi György és az 1-ső Pesti Rackák, Romengo, Kaláka. Gryllus opened their own showroom, Kaláka Music Store, in 2002.

The company do not represent one specific style of music. Their most characteristic genre, poems set to music (or sung poems when literally translated from Hungarian), consists of many different styles. They have published 228 records offering a wide range of music from traditional folk and world music to contemporary music and individual projects.
The company’s unique publications are the Christmas Series (currently consisting of 17 CDs) and a collection of Poetry Books with accompanying CD. The company also produces a range of books and CDs especially for children.

And about the band we are going to use the music of:

The Kaláka Ensemble

The Transylvanian poet Sándor Kányádi wrote: “The Kaláka Ensemble is elegant. They offer poetry to their audiences on a musical platter which would never be confused with anyone else’s music. Their compositions aren’t forced, rather the original melody of a verse is played, born of
the quietness of the heart exiled in books from the time of Gutenbergon.”

In Hungary Sándor Kányádi received the highest national recognition for contribution of the arts, the Kossuth Prize.
Kaláka refers to a Transylvanian folk custom of working together. Orignally it was a house building party.
The Kaláka Ensemble was formed in Budapest in 1969. They sing poetry and play their own arrangements of folk music. Their music is varied and the poetry from many different styles as well. The unique sound of the four singing voices, the classical and folk instruments together make the music.
The members and their instruments
Gábor Becze: double bass, guitar
Dániel Gryllus: flutes, zither, panpipe, clarinet, tarogato,
Vilmos Gryllus: cello, guitar, charango, moldavian lute, jews harp
Balázs Radványi: mandolin, 12 string guitar, ukulele, cuatro, viola, kalimba

Poetry and music: The tunes are old and new, and the poetry is from. Hungarian poets as well as poets of other nationalities. On Kaláka’s 25 recordings there are approximately 1000 songs. A few of the poets whose works we sing: János Arany, Endre Ady, Sándor Weöres, Dezsõ Kosztolányi, Sándor Kányádi, Lõrinc Szabó, József Attila, R.Burns, F. Villon, Sz.Jeszenyin.
Film music:
Music for the series entitled „Hungarian Folk Tales” (which was shown all over the world); „Hungarian Sayings”; „Stories of King Matyás”; etc.
Concerts for children: At Kaláka concerts, children are not only the audience, they also participate in the concert. Given that the musicians all teach music by the Kodaly method, and all attended the famous Lórántffy Elementary School of Music in Budapest, they are all confirmations of a musical education and conscious practictioners of the methods. During their concerts they present an array of instruments, and have had great success with children who speak other languages as well.